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Professor of Humanities, Beijing Normal University

PhD, UCLA, 2001
MA, BA, University of Chicago, 1991


Fudan University, Development Inst.
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Australian National University
National Univ. of Singapore
Washington University St. Louis


Empire and the Meaning of Religion in Northeast Asia: Manchuria 1900–1945 (Cambridge University Press, 2017)

Religion and the Making of Modern East Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Sacred Village: Social Change and Religious Life in Rural North China (Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2005)

BOOKS (edited)

Out of the Archive: A Reader for fieldwork research on modern Chinese history. With Jan Kiely (Routledge, 2019)

Agricultural production and Rural transformation, with Huaiyin Li (Brill, 2016)

Asian Studies Review, Article symposium on NGO sector in China, December 2015

“New Perspectives in Chinese Folklore Studies,” Asian Ethnology, with Li Jing and Peng Mu, 2015

Casting Faiths: Imperialism and the Transformation of Religion in East and Southeast Asia (Palgrave, 2009)

RESEARCH ARTICLES (academic audience)

In progress

  • “Trends in China Food History: Commodity, Consumption and Cuisine” (state of the field introduction to Global Food History guest edited issue, in progress)
  • “Who ordered the beef? Government and local enterprise in China’s cattle industries, 1980-2000” (in progress, for 2020 book symposium)
  • “Confucianism in Trans-War and Cold War Asia,” Cao Xinyu and Thomas DuBois for Cambridge History of Confucianism, ed. Kiri Paramore (Cambridge University Press, under contract)
  • “Fast food for thought: Finding global history in a Beijing McDonald’s,” World History Connected, under review


  • “China’s old brands: Commercial heritage and creative nostalgia,” International Journal of Asian Studies, (forthcoming 2020)
  • “Milk From the Butterfly Spring: State and Enterprise in the Yunnan Dairy Industry 从蝴蝶泉来的牛奶:滇西乳品产业的发展与政企互动,” Rural China 中国乡村研究 17 (1): 87-110.
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  • “Dairy,” “Cheese” and “Beef” (total 8,000 words) In Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines, Sydney Cheung, ed. (forthcoming, Berkshire Publishing)


  • “Borden and Nestlé in East Asia, 1870-1929: Branding and retail strategy in the condensed milk trade” Business History.
  • Walking a production chain: An interdisciplinary approach to method and meaning” in Fieldwork in Modern Chinese History: A Research Guide. DuBois and Jan Kiely, eds. (Routledge)
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  • Prepublication version as Asia Research Institute Working Paper 213


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  • Revised for Chinese publication as 杜博思:滿洲國’的孝子:國家,宗教,以及守墓行為的適應性演變《民俗研究》3期, 2010年


  • “Rule of Law in a Brave New Empire: Legal Rhetoric and Practice in Manchukuo,” Law and History Review, Vol. 26 (2): 285-317
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  • “Imperialism, Hegemony and the Construction of Religion in East and Southeast Asia” History & Theory, Vol. 44 (4), Theorizing Empire theme issue: 113-131
  • Reprinted in Ashgate International Library of Essays on Rights, ed. Lorenzo Zucca (Ashgate, 2015)


    • “Village Community and the Reconstruction of Religious Life in Rural North China” in ed. John Lagerwey, Religion and Chinese Society: The Transformation of a Field (Paris: Ecole Français d’Extrême-Orient and Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Press): 837-868


Interviewed by/quoted in: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Berlingske (Denmark), Buzzfeed, Caixin, Canadian Broadcasting Service, Channel News Asia (Singapore), Chinasource, Christianity Today, The Economist, New York Times, South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Time (Asia edition), Today (Singapore), Washington Post


2015-2019, Summers conducting fieldwork research in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and Yunnan; 2016, Resident fellow at Chinese University of Hong Kong; 2013-2015, 2017, Academic residence in Australia; 2003-2012, Academic residence in Singapore, research summers in China and Japan 1997- 1999; Tianjin, doctoral research and fieldwork; 1996, Kanazawa, advanced Japanese language; 1992-1994, Shandong College of Chinese Medicine, English teacher 1990, Summer language program in Taiwan.


Chinese: very good speaking and reading; Japanese: conversational speaking, good reading; Russian: Basic speaking and reading


2019, Beijing Normal University research startup fund, 200,000CNY; 2015-2018 Australian Research Council, A$154,978; 2013 ANU Research School of Asia and Pacific, A$ 60,000; 2012 ANU Research School of Asia and Pacific, A$ 20,000; Singapore Ministry of Education, S$438,296. (member); 2010 NUS Faculty Research Grant, S$23,288; 2006 NUS Faculty Research Grant, S$12,466; 2005, NUS conference grant, S$30,000; 2004, NUS conference grant, S$30,000; 1997-1998, American Council of Learned Societies, $17,000.