Heze sheep bone soup

This soup was some of the best I have ever had. The bones gave it an incredible richness and a milky white color

“China’s dairy century,” video online

This talk introduces China’s dairy century as three distinct trajectories: production, consumption and culture. I gave this talk a few months ago, and the nice people at Cornell were kind enough to make a very good recording. Other talks from their “Contemporary China Initiative” series are available on the same page. I’m curious about just…

Leizhou festivals in town and country

I made these short videos a few years back, after Robert Antony kindly allowed me to tag along on one of his field trips to the Leizhou peninsula in the far south of Guangdong province. They show two sets of celebrations for Tianhou (the Empress of Heaven). Village processions in the countryside And in the Tianhou Temple…

Empire in Asia – new course videos

I made these videos for a course that I taught with colleagues NUS last year. These were filmed before the class actually started, and include five segments filmed in various spots in Hulunbuir and Harbin. See the whole collection at: https://vimeo.com/user40204752/collections