Product review–Wasabi flavored Oreos

My hotel is nice. Not fancy, just nice.

Among much else, they make little fruit baskets from the leftover buffet. The picture on the front is probably not me, but on the other hand, it’s definitely me.

Apparently looking forward to some alone time with this soccer ball

Today in addition to my little fruit basket, I was handed what I thought was a box of toothpaste. Upon closer examination, I saw this.


That’s right, it’s an Oreo with a chicken wing in the middle. I’m not going to even try to make a joke out of this, but rather, just repeat it, slowly and deliberately:

An Oreo with a chicken wing in the middle.

The box also shows an Oreo with what looks like green tea filling, but fooled again–it’s horseradish. Since the picture on the front shows the green filling, I thought that they had put the chicken wing on the back just to let you know that it could be worse. Then I read that these cookies combine both flavors. So yes, it could indeed be worse.

much worse…

But enough chit chat, how do they taste? Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a fairly standard Oreo smell, but the taste was anything but. The cookie was unchanged, but the filling was salty. To taste the tiny bit of heat, you really had to roll the thing around in your mouth, which trust me, you do not want to do.



Now chocolate and chilies go together quite nicely elsewhere–so there’s no reason this had to be gross. The image (why, oh why did they put a chicken wing on the package?) definitely set things up badly, but in the end, the sheer unnaturalness of this abomination shines through all on its own.

Rating: six and a half brapples



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