China milk museum!

Shanghai is a very good place to learn about milk. The city was one of the early centers of modern dairy in China, and is home to Guangming, a dairy concern that has since grown into one of the world’s largest food conglomerates.

So it’s not surprising that Shanghai has a dairy museum, even less surprising that it is was built by Guangming, and perhaps least surprising of all — that I have been really excited to go.

I finally made it out there this morning, and have to say, it was interesting. And I am not the only one who thought so, but should add that I may have been the only one there over the age of eight.

I was most interested in the historical artifacts, not the ancient (but suspiciously modern looking) ceramics, but the machines and documents from the twentieth century, which were nicely displayed and useful for my research.


Is the museum worth a visit by anyone other than school groups? Probably not. It’s a bit out of the city, an easy walk from the Dachang zhen subway stop, but still about a 45 minute trip each way. Apart from the museum, there’s not much around except an empty bus station and a bunch of home improvement supply wholesalers.

Next stop: world’s biggest ball of twine!