Animal stories: The drooling horse…

If you grew up in the Chicago area, you will no doubt appreciate a very particular kind of humor.

Right now I am back in Montana visiting my lovely sister Jen, and we were trying to put our finger on exactly what defines Chicago humor.  You definitely know it when you see it — Son of Svengoolie, and a well-deserved honorable mention for Wayne’s World. I’d put early David Letterman in there as well, even though he’s from Indiana.

But the real classic was WLS – that’s the radio station that said Wayne and Garth would have listened to – and that was home to Uncle Lar’ and “snot-nosed” Little Tommy’s morning feature ANIMAL STORIES.

I know its not the high falootin’ academic fare you’re used to on this blog, but for the sake of your very soul, have a listen to this.  Behold the glory that is the drooling horse