I arrived in Seoul on December 18 and so had a whole day to run around the city and learn all kinds of fun secret spots to show Misa when she showed up the next day.  Luckily, Lina was on hand to show me around.

“You’ll get more cabbage when you finish what’s there on your plate” (direct quote from restaurant owner – and no, I never got more cabbage)

Misa came the next morning, and basically we spent the next few days walking around and eating, walking around and eating, walking around and eating…

So without all that much additional explanation, here are pictures of some of the things we ate and/or saw…

It’s Misa!
A loving homage to Freddy Mercury’s rodeo days (look closely and you will notice that he is ~really~ enjoying that ride)
Traditional style house under construction. Obviously this is not an inexpensive option.
Front courtyard of the reconstructed palace
From one of the ten thousand nice cafes we spent time in
Cute tea house as viewed from the window of our new hotel (don’t ask where we stayed the first night)
Cute tea house viewed from inside cute tea house
Traditional roof architecture from the inside
Temple lunch in Insadong
Lunch for two – really – and that’s not even all of it

IMG_0667 IMG_0671 IMG_0679 IMG_0701 IMG_0700 IMG_0756 IMG_0767 IMG_0791 IMG_0873

Ah, you ask, but these are only from the first few days. What about the other few days?

Well – and I must reiterate that you are the one who asked me – if you really have to know, my past few days rather resembled this little gem of cinematic history:

But no, I didn’t take pictures.