Giant tetris picture gallery! (aka patio part eye-vee)

Here is a little time lapse of the front patio.

In the first pictures the whole space is overgrown and unusable. Basically, it’s a mosquito gauntlet running from the driveway to the front door.

After that, I started tearing up the old ground, which I then sifted shovel by shovel into one pile of dirt and one pile of rocks. The dirt was then mixed with cement to make the foundation for the granite pavers. The fun part with the paving was making the right patten of shapes and colors, so that everything fit together but was not too predictable.

This was easy enough work for a small space, but as I discovered, the yard is really pretty huge. Each of these pictures is separated by at least a few hours of pretty exhausting labor — all together the whole slideshow covers about a month.

It’s still not completely done. I still need to rebed the space adjacent to the house, move the big pile of rocks, and pave all the way up to the drive. Finally, I need to wait a few weeks to let the pavers settle, then go through and even everything up. But the hard work is definitely done.