Pictures: Running Japan, December 2011

December 2011: 旅ランJapan
Right now “旅ラン” (running travel) is a big thing in Japan, and Misa discovered a book with running routes in all of the Kansai cities. You can take a train to a city, leave your things at a place that caters to runners like the Musubi Cafe (in Kyoto), or the gorgeous Kobe Sauna & Spa, go on your run, and then get cleaned up before having dinner and taking the train home. I always liked running as a way to see a city, but this is an especially civilized way to do it. So far, we have gone on running day trips to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Nara was a bit further away, so we made that an overnight. In case you don’t know, Nara was an ancient capital, and is known for the tame deer that roam the city, making it into something of a giant petting zoo. Hence the pictures of the deer, and my decision to switch my hat for a pair of antlers. People thought this was cute–we got a lot of smiles and waves from cars, but my favorite was the man who calmly remarked “the deer are running” (鹿が走っている) as we passed by.